Natural Penis Enlargement

For thousands of years, men have been investigating ways to achieve natural penis enlargement. There have been penis enlargement exercises, rituals, tribal dances, and formulations all designed for penis enlargement or increasing ones sex drive, general male enhancement, if you will. This is simply because the majority of men wants a bigger penis. Here we will take a brief look at the more well known and popular ways of natural penis enlargement, so that you will be more informed when making future penis enlargement decisions.

Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

This method of penis enlargement involves spending a little time every day dedicated to penis enlargement exercises. Penis enlargement exercises are a natural way to increase the size and girth of your penis in a totally safe way. Penis enlargement exercises done regularly can develop your penis and increase erection size, hardness, and better your ability to keep an erection, and for longer. An important factor for this natural penis enlargement method is that it is 100% safe, as long as you are careful and responsible.

Natural Penis Enhancement with Devices

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By aids, we mean using an external male enhancement device to increase the speed of your penis enlargement gains. Natural penis enlargement can be assisted with devices such as the Jes Extender or Andropenis, both traction devices which can increase the length of your penis by up to 3 inches, and also increase the girth, whilst straightening out any kinks or bends! These traction devices need to be worn for around 15 minutes to 30 minutes a day and the Andropenis is so discreet that it can actually be worn under your clothing - natural penis enlargement, on the go!

Jes Extender

A very popular method of natural penis enlargement, using traction, the device lengthens the cells in the penis, much in the same way that Sadhus holy men of India or Papua Indians of New Guinea would use weights to lengthen their penis, resulting in some of up to 22 inches in length! That is extreme natural penis enlargement, with no surgery required! The Jes Extender was created by a medical company in Denmark and has a proven track record of penis enlargement results.


The Andropenis is another natural penis enlargement favorite. This device also uses traction and was created by the Andro Medical group. It is a simple, well designed piece of penis enlargement kit, that has been recommended by the health authorities of the EU, (it is classified as a Type One Medical Device) making it both secure and trusted. It is comfortable to wear and is so discreet that it can even be worn under clothes whilst you carry out your day to day activities.

Natural Penis Enlargement by Penis Enhancement Pills

Penis enlargement pills are another popular, effective way of increasing penis size. The two most popular penis enlargement pills are VigRX and V-RX. Taking penis enlargement pills consistently as directed will raise your libido, giving you a harder, firmer erection, with more intense orgasms, as well as increasing the overall flaccid and erect size of your penis. The herbs contained in a good male enhancement pill will leave you feeling revitalized and full of energy.

VigRX penis enhancement pill

Natural penis enlargement online

VigRX is the world's most popular male enhancement pill. Containing a variety of herbal extracts taken from all over the world, VigRX penis enlargement pills will give you a bigger penis, in length and girth, as well as harder, firmer erections and an increased sex drive. VigRX is the premier male enhancement formula, having helped thousands of men all over the world develop their sex lives how they want them.

V-RX penis enhancement pill

V-RX is one of type of penis enlargement pills, which is very similar to VigRX. It offers the same benefits, such as increased penis size, harder and firmer erections, and stronger orgasms. However, V-RX offers an additional benefit in that it helps to delay ejaculation, which is good for those that sometimes ejaculate prematurely.

V-RX Patches

V-RX Patches are an exciting new addition to the field of penis enlargement and male enhancement. These patches are for people who can never remember (or are too busy) to take numerous pills throughout the day. One patch can be applied to the skin and left for 3 days, whilst a constant stream of male enhancing herbs is released directly into the bloodstream. Each pack contains 10 patches, which therefore will last for a month. There couldn't be a simpler method of male enhancement.

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